Translation Services India aka Word Par International is a leading translation agency providing language translation services of various kinds to clients all over the world.

Our Language Services Include:

  • Technical and Scientific Translation;
  • Video Game Localization;
  • Website Translation and Localization;
  • Software Localization;
  • Legal and Document Translation;
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation;
  • Film and Television Subtitling
  • Closed Caption.

Our Team of linguists include translators who are

  • Qualified and Certified Translators;
  • Experienced in their line of work;
  • Skillful and tested for their abilities and
  • Native Speakers of the target language.

Our clients include many leading multinational corporates in India and overseas. These include leading

  • outsourcing solutions companies;
  • information technology and software companies;
  • law firms;
  • pharmaceutical companies;
  • research organizations and
  • television and film production houses.

Our project management team comprises experienced and dedicated professionals who focus on

  • prudent selection of linguists;
  • efficient time management and resource allocation;
  • timely intervention to ensure business and process continuity;
  • effective process development, execution and improvement;
  • simplification and lean organizational structure;
  • close attention to project execution and process flow and
  • human resource recruitment and management.

The organization follows the following directive principles:

  • accuracy & correctness of meaning;
  • appropriateness of subject specific terminology;
  • overall quality of translation;
  • adherence to delivery schedules;
  • confidentiality, data security and protection of intellectual properties of clients;
  • customer satisfaction and
  • translator satisfaction.

Translation services offered by us in India and abroad via online support is well received and recognized by our clients. We also undertake

  • certified translations that are sworn and notarized in order to be allowed in courts and for legal and statutory purposes;
  • technical training and interpretations for highly technical subjects;
  • oral translation (interpretation) for business meetings, discussions and conferences
  • multilingual telephone and skype meetings and
  • real time e-mail translation support.

Our translation processes exclude the use of any kind of machine translation, while making good use of computer aided tools for translation memory and alignment. Translation memories are developed and maintained for customers who have a specific requirement or specify the same.

Translation Services by Word Par International match high quality standards from the linguistic, scientific and management perspectives. We follow best practices and efficient methods to deliver the best quality work in an efficient and presentable fashion to our clients.