About Us

About Us

Translation Services India &Word Par International are a professional language translation service company, with its head office located at Bangalore. A team of qualified professional linguists and dedicated project managers work together to offer quality translations serving organizations across the world.

With over 15 years of experience and consistent dedication to our customers, Word Par International has become one of the more reliable translation companies in the industry. We have built our translation agency on the founding principles of quality, integrity, innovation and customer satisfaction, and we continue to live up to those principles today.

We take what we do very seriously. For us, translation is not just about changing words from one language to another. It’s about conveying the true meaning of those words, in all its subtleties, so that the translation is inherently adapted to its target audience and localized for demographics, culture, and subject matter.With a transparent system at work, the company is known for its cordial relationship with many global clients.

Quick turnaround time, affordability and high quality of work are hallmarks of our work. Powered by the latest tools and technology the company runs round the clock to meets the requirements of potential clients. Translation services are available in almost all kinds of format and are strictly regulated by international standards.

Owing to our robust network of native translators with vast industry expertise and our internal quality processes, we are able to offer top quality translation solution at most competitive rates.

We have a unnegotiable commitment to quality. Adequate preparation and pre-translation processes weed out hurdles in the project execution. Pre-project planning is given as much importance as execution and post-translation services . We therefore prove reliable on all three fronts: accuracy and quality as well as adherence to timelines.We understand client need for lower costand reduction of wastage. Our internal process development results in effective and efficient project management resulting in saving of time, energy and cost.