Medical Pharmaceuticals Translation

Medical & Pharmaceuticals Translation

The translation of technical, regulatory, clinical or marketing documents, training material and software for the pharmaceutical, medical or healthcare fields is commonly known as medical translation. Most countries make it mandatory that literature and labeling associated with medical devices or pharmaceuticals should be translated into the national, regional and local languages. In addition, documents necessary to conduct clinical trials often require translation in order for ease of access by local clinicians, patients and regulatory. Regulatory approval documents also have to be translated.
Owing to the highly technical, sensitive and regulated nature of medical texts, it is imperative that translators of medical documents are well versed with the subject matter besides having the required linguistic credentials of a translator.

When lives are at risk, there is no option for error, delay or poor communication. Any mistake can have dire consequences on the interpretation of reports and the well-being of patients. Medical & pharmaceutical translation services are highly specialized discipline and should only be carried out by suitably qualified translators.

Expertise & Accuracy

Translator Services Indiatakes due care to identify and hire the right skill suited for this complex and highly technical and specialised field of translation. Linguists with medical knowledge and expertise are filtered out of the pool of linguists available to create the right team of translators for the project.
We at Word Par International rely on expert from the health-care industry who act as terminological consultants and editors for our medical translation projects.

Regulatory Requirements and Risk of Error
Medical translations impact regulatory submissions. Errors in translation or source content can unfavourably impact regulatory approvals or result in loss of a company’s goodwill and image. The financial risks are equally large. The distribution of medicines and devices also expands the potential for liability due to inaccurate or misleading information. Knowledge based industries such as medicine and pharmaceuticals require careful handling of knowledge documents and close attention to correctness of data.
This naturally applies to the translation of such documents.

Specialized Medical Translation Resources
• Patient Information Leaflets (PIL)
• Case Report Forms (CRF)
• study drug labels and drug inserts
• clinical studies
• agreements and contracts
• instructions for use for medical devices
• user manuals for medical devices
• user guides for medical software
• medical reports
• medical software
• pharmacovigilance reports
• test procedures
• newsletters

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