Technical translation is a kind of specialised translation of documents containing scientific and technological subject matter (owner’s manuals, user guides, patents, knowledge transfer documents, training modules etc.).  Technical translation requires a highly specialised skill set in translation, a thorough knowledge of the terminology and the subject matter. The specialised terminology is not a distinguishing feature of technical translation alone, as most other areas of translation involve specialised terminology. The distinguishing feature is the scientific and technological nature of the text and the relevant terms and writing conventions. These make technical translation a genre in its own.

Technical translation is required to inform, advise and educate prospective and existing stakeholders for products, services and technologies. The basis of all information transfer is language! Without language, one cannot reach one’s audience, consumers or otherwise. More so, when the audiences speaks another language. Translation and localisation of all technical information therefore becomes important from the market and profit viewpoint.

Consistent terminology and highly repetitive texts, phrases or formulae characterise technical texts, thus enhancing the need and role of computer assisted translation (CAT tools) and translation memories.

Skills required in technical translation services require a balance between literal to free translation. Many languages may not have the ideal linguistic equivalents and this lexical gap can only be fulfilled by the creativity and research of the translator. The right balance between literal and free translation has to be achieved, thus emphasising the role of language ability as a writer as much as the need for sound knowledge of the subject and its terminology.

Technical translation cannot depend on general knowledge of source and target languages. Technical translation calls for domain-specific and industry knowledge. The lack of it is usually overcome through in-depth research and constant updating of ones skill and knowledge.

Professional, qualified and skilled translators are what we promise in our team of technical translator

Technical Materials Requiring Translation

 Technical content relates to the method of use of  a product throughout its life cycle. Technical content is also found in post-sales support and documents included quick start guides, installation manuals, operating manuals and so on. Among pre-sales content, technical content can appear in the form of specifications, drawings, patents, research papers and design documents.

  • Online help
  • Technical guides
  • Instruction and training materials
  • Marketing materials
  • User manuals
  • Quick start guides
  • Engineering, scientific, or industrial documents
  • Safety manuals
  • Labels
  • Proposals
  • Catalogs
  • Sales and marketing brochures



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