In order to enhance consistency in style and terminology and to increase quality levels, specialised translations tools are now being used by translators and language translation companies at an enhanced pace. Computer aided tools not only provide consistency for a translator across his or her work, but also offer to help align translation terminology and style across an entire team. This results in increased efficiency in the process and quality of the translated texts.

 Real-time translation is now available on Facebook, Google and Skype. Many tools assist travellers translate simple to complex dialogue and interact with locals with ease. Multitudinous topics requiring extensive research can be counterbalanced with the assistance of translation memory and translation tools that help make the work of translation easier in other aspects.

Below is a list of 5 translation tools that we at Word Par International use for Translation Services in India.

TOP CAT Tools that we recommend

  1. WordFast Pro
  2. SDL Trados Studio
  3. ProZ
  4. MemoQ
  5. Memsource


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