What is Voiceover?

Voiceover refers to the recording and superimposing of audio recordings on a video or simply, an audio recording for radio transmission.

Voiceovers are studio recordings which will be placed upon film and television visuals to improve the sound quality of the dialogue. They are also studio-recorded commentaries and narrations that accompany documentaries and educational videos, presentations and trainings.

Voiceovers is all called off-camera or off-stage audio recording or commentary. Voiceovers employ specific voice types and qualities that require skilled and trained voiceover artists.

A synchronous commentary narrates and describes the action and content on the video as it takes place at the same time. This is common for sports and live. Asynchronous voice over on the other hand is pre-recorded and then superimposed on the video.

Re-voicing is another example of voiceover whereby film dialogue are replaced by studio-recordings by the same or different artists.

Dubbing is the process of re-voicing in a different language, matching to the best possible way the lip movements of the original speakers. This is also known as voice over translation.

The Voiceover Process

The voiceover process extends beyond the core process of voice recording. It involves:

  1. a script writing team;
  2. a translation and localization team who will adapt the team to the target language;
  3. an HR team who will identify voiceover artistes for all the required languages;
  4. voice over artistes for each language;
  5. a post-production team to review and check the voiceover;
  6. a technical team to merge and synchronise the video and audio files.

Voice Over Artiste Selection

While selecting an artiste, the following filters apply:

  1. language
  2. gender
  3. age
  4. character

For example, you could have a middle aged woman for a cartoon character or a young male voice for the character of a leading romance movie, or simply a young female and male voice for a medical product training video.

The Importance and Application of Voiceover

Voiceovers are used for:

  1. advertisements
  2. trainings
  3. documentaries
  4. medical product presentation
  5. educational videos
  6. movies
  7. documentaries
  8. sports


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