Localization is Multifaceted Language Translation Localizing a website is one of the most cost-effective means to reach a global market audience. However, websites must adhere to local cultural norms, idiosyncrasies and tastes apart from adapting to the local language of the respective market or geographical region. Translator Services India professionally adapt your English language websites into a multilingual platform to reach various customer groups across the globe, maintaining and conveying your core message and pitch while still adhering and appealing to the local sensitivities.

Effective website localization involves much more than simple language conversion. It includes, besides attention to technical and domain specific terminology, also the socio-cultural aspects for each target websites. Language conversion for website localization entails far more skill in translation besides marketing expertise. Translator Services India have expert and skilled translators and project managers to integrate all necessary skills including linguistic, socio-cultural, terminological as well as marketing talents.

Importance of Internet Marketing
Global Market
The internet is the portal to the global market. It has shrunk the globe into a glocal marketplace. The only barrier between service providers and customers is now that of language. How many potential customers can be converted to effective sales if only you spoke the client’s language and understood his culture?
Translator Services India has a large network of over 10,000 qualified, certified and experienced linguists, who lay adequate emphasis on contextual, pragmatic and functional meaning of your texts, bridging the language barrier between you and your potential customers.

Improved User Experience with Native Translators
It is no longer a secret that the best way to increase sales over the internet is when your advertising material, e-commerce portal and your websites are available to the audience in the native languages. The content needs to be written by native writers who understand and master the subtle nuances of the language and create an intimate connection between your offer and the target audience. Reading content in their own language builds confidence and the buyer identifies with the web-content. Readers trust content that is well written in their language as opposed to content that is written by foreign linguists. Familiarity with language nuances and cultural aspects of the language community are essential in striking a bond with the customer. Translator Services India insists that all translations are done by native speakers of the target languages.

Improved SEO
When brands create relevant rewarding user specific content, search engines take notice, leading to increased rankings, customer awareness and consequently search engine results. Multilingual websites attract search engines from various locations.

Increased Sales & ROI
The ultimate goal of all marketing effort including translation, localization and SEO is to increase sales and returns on investment. Website localization is aimed at increased sales and serves as an effective marketing tool to enhance ROI.

How to Translate and Localize Website Content

In order to provide you with the best service and the most accurate process and quotation for your website translation, the following information would be of great help.
1. Language Pairs,
• what language your site is already in; and
• what languages you wish to translate your content into;

2. Format of your Content
Although we can work with almost any format, some are easier and quicker to work with. We work with most formats, including:
• MS Word, Excel, PPT
• and many others.
Feel free to check with us other formats as well. We can most likely work with that format!

3. Budget
Budget is determined by the following factors:
• size of the content (usually number of words or pages)
• level of technicality and complexity of the subject
• sometimes, the level of urgency of a project

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